The Penelope Saga continues

So I know I am in week 4. That’s all that matters. My knitting out grew my needles so I went to get some longer cords. Thought this would be a great time to try out Knit Picks. Nope. They unlock themselves as you are knitting. The yarn sticks to the cord. However, my determination to finish this project and get to the edge outweighs my dislike for those needles. So you won’t hear me rant anymore on the needle subject.(Yes, I prefer my Addi’s or Hiya’s 🙂 )

It’s hard to see the progress but I am at nearly 4 arrows…so nearly 100 rows of knitting and I think I will be able to stop with the first skein. BUT I am going to eat in to the second skein to get 6 full arrows down the center and at least 2 on each side. The axe handles won’t look pretty so they will be implied. Then I can start the waves on my edges to represent the 10 years journey home to Penelope.

The shawl is an interesting process. Can I package this for a customer? Sure. I have been using this as a test shawl to find out what makes better lines and prettier shaping. It’s a process….

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