Stolen Holy Hat

So you know, I did the new hat in a brighter color (as bright as my Scotch-Irish bloodlines will go) because I was challenged to do so. I feel really challenged because I have had to rip back at least 7 times due to distractions and brain freeze. It’s those yarn-overs that get you ever time.

Product Details:

Note: I used Brown Sheep Lanaloft Sport (grey) and Cascade Lana D’oro (blue-green). You can use any weight yarn as long as you adjust by multiples of 10 stitches.

Math: If using worsted weight yarn, please adjust your gauge by multiplying the stitches per inch X measurement of head. (4 sts/in X 20 inc = 80 cast ons + 1) Just depends on how you join your rounds.

MY GAUGE: 6 sts/inch or 24 sts = 4 inches.
YARN: approx. 175 yards of yarn
NEEDLES: US 5 16” circulars *see above


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